The A&W Gala No 5

Hi All,

The A&W gala No 5 is to held on 18th November 2017, 6pm at SHIPLEY swimming pool.

This is the final gala of this series and Bradford Swimming Club is poised to take award for the top team.

We still need as many entries as possible from our swimmers. Every swimmer who makes it to a final earns at least a point for the club.

The events taking place at Gala 5 are:

  1. Girls 9/10yrs 4×1 Individual Medley
  2.  Boys 9/10yrs 4×1 Individual Medley
  3. Girls 15yrs/Over 4L Butterfly
  4. Boys 15yrs/Over 4L Butterfly
  5. Girls 11/12yrs 2L Backstroke
  6. Boys 11/12yrs 2L Backstroke
  7. Girls 13/14yrs 4L Breaststroke
  8. Boys 13/14yrs 4L Breaststroke
  9. Ladies’/Girls Open 2L Freestyle
  10. Men’s/Boys   Open 2L Freestyle
  11. Girls 13/14yrs 4×2 Medley Team
  12. Boys 13/14yrs 4×2 Medley Team
  13. Ladies’/Girls Open 4×2 Freestyle Team
  14. Men’s/Boys Open 4×2 Freestyle Team

(Ages as at 18/11/2017)

As usual swimmers of all ages and abilities are encouraged to enter their own age group event and the opens. The club coaches will select swimmers for the teams events and will as usual select as many teams as possible from the swimmers available.

Please get entries in to Paul Wright, Vicky Mcardle, Toni Greenwood or Michelle Bastow by 27th Oct. Entry forms available from the above people at training sessions and can be downloaded from the club website

Individual events are £1.75 each. Team events (if selected) are paid for by the club.

Get your entries in and lets make this a victorious A&W season for Bradford Swimming Club.