A&W Gala 5 19/11/2016

Hi Everyone

After all the excitement of the A&W Gala 4, it is now time to turn our thoughts to Gala 5, the final A&W gala of this season.

Not only are the A&W galas the most atmospheric, the most exiting and the cheapest to enter, but this season Bradford swimming club is hoping to do well in the club awards too.

So – we need a strong turnout of all Bradford SC swimmers. Every individual or team which makes a final earns the club at least 1 point in the club award. So this is a special appeal to every club member to enter this gala. We especially need our age 15 & over swimmers to help us put out strong teams in the open 4 x 2 lengths Freestyle as well as compete in the individual butterfly and freestyle events. We would love to put out an A & B team in the open team events.

All you COB swimmers – we ask you to remember your roots and turn out for a great fun gala and swim for Bradford SC again.

The events at this gala are:

  1. Girls 9/10yrs 4×1 Individual Medley
  2. Boys 9/10yrs 4×1 Individual Medley
  3. Girls 15yrs/Over 4L Butterfly
  4. Boys 15yrs/Over 4L Butterfly
  5. Girls 11/12yrs 2L Backstroke
  6. Boys 11/12yrs 2L Backstroke
  7. Girls 13/14yrs 4L Breaststroke
  8. Boys 13/14yrs 4L Breaststroke
  9. Ladies’ Open 2L Freestyle
  10. Men’s Open 2L Freestyle
  11. Girls 13/14yrs 4×2 Medley Team
  12. Boys 13/14yrs 4×2 Medley Team
  13. Ladies’ Open 4×2 Freestyle Team
  14. Men’s Open 4×2 Freestyle Team

As always entry forms are on the club website or are can be collected at any club training session. Entries to Paul Wright in person or they can be emailed to me at wright.paul59@hotmail.co.uk

The closing date is 29/10/2016