A&W Gala 4

Hi Again,

Entries are still coming in for the A&W Gala 4 on 8th Oct 6pm at Aireborough. Keep them coming but time is running out! The events at this gala are:

  1. Girls 9/10yrs 1L Butterfly
  2. Boys 9/10yrs 1L Butterfly
  3. Girls 15yrs/Over 4L Backstroke
  4. Boys 15yrs/Over 4L Backstroke
  5. Girls 11/12yrs 2L Freestyle
  6. Boys 11/12yrs 2L Freestyle
  7. Girls 13/14yrs 4×2 Individual Medley
  8. Boys 13/14yrs 4×2 Individual Medley
  9. Ladies’ Open 2L Breaststroke
  10. Men’s Open 2L Breaststroke
  11. Girls 11/12yrs 4×2 Freestyle Team
  12. Boys 11/12yrs 4×2 Freestyle Team
  13. Girls’ Open 4×2 Medley Team
  14. Boy’s Open 4×2 Medley Team

(Swimmers for team events are selected by coaches) and team entries are paid for by the club.

Two team events are “Opens” at this gala so we could enter more teams and select more swimmers – If we have enough!

Let me know by email (wright.paul59@hotmail.co.uk), by Face book messaging through the Bradford swimming club group page, by phone or text (07957684110) or by paper entry form at training at Gala 3 tonight or Eccleshill on Tuesday. Entries are only £1.50 per event ! We can settle up later